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The Ronin Project Podcast

Bill Wong

The RONIN PROJECT PODCAST is a weekly podcast airing on Sundays hosted by veteran political strategist Bill Wong about bad Asians getting into good trouble. This podcast will feature Asian American elected officials, candidates, and career campaign operatives to give Asian Americans insight and inspiration into claiming their rightful place in the halls of power and to curate Asian American political stories that have heretofore been ignored or erased. It will be real and raw conversations on Asian Americans and where they meet or miss the arena of politics, power, influence, justice, and representation. This no-nonsense podcast is for Asian Americans who want to know more about how politics is played, political professionals that want to know more about Asian Americans and how they vote, and troublemakers who want to make the world a better place. Bill Wong has over 30 years of experience that includes work as a chief of staff, a lobbyist, a political director, and a strategist to community non-profits, powerful labor organizations and Fortune 100 companies. He recently served as the senior political advisor to California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and led efforts that elected and held the largest Assembly Democratic supermajority in over 130 years. In addition, he has dedicated his career to mentoring Asian Americans political professionals and helping elect a historic number of Asian Americans to local, state, and federal offices.