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Michigan State Senator Stephanie Chang

September 18, 2022 Bill Wong Season 1 Episode 10
The Ronin Project Podcast
Michigan State Senator Stephanie Chang
Show Notes

Senator Stephanie Chang talks about flipping the Michigan State Senate blue and tripling the number of AAPIs state senators this November.  She also talks about politically outmaneuvering the Michigan Senate Republican Caucus, community organizing in Detroit, building multi-ethnic coalitions, and paving the path for the next generation of AAPI political leaders.

Here is a donate link that splits donations between her leadership PAC and MI Senate candidates Padma Kuppa and Sam Singh to triple the number of AAPI Democrats in the MI Senate! — Donate via ActBlue

Or donate to each candidate directly at

Padma Kuppa For Senate District 9 (

Sam Singh – For Michigan State Senate (

Also, you can support Aisha Farooqi who is Pakistani American running to flip a seat in the Michigan House: Aisha Farooqi for State Representative (

Learn more about the Boggs Education Center at

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